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Navigating the Winter Housing Market: A Buyer’s Dream in Ontario

This is something we talked about in our report from October 6th, 2023. Right after BoC decided to hold the rates steady on September 6th, 2023, we saw an uptick in home sales by 3.2%. This was indicative of the trend that if BoC continues to hold the rates steady then most likely it will motivate m

How Will Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan Impact Housing & Rentals?

In case you didn't know Canada has a population problem, not only does it have one of the lowest birth rates in the world but is also home to one of the world's oldest populations. A country's population growth rate has a direct impact on its labour force and thus economy by extension. This is why i

Why the Canadian Home Expects Bank of Canada To Hold Policy Rate Steady at 5%?

In recent months, the Canadian economic landscape has been anything but predictable. The Bank of Canada's decision regarding the policy rate has been under the spotlight, and at The Canadian Home, we anticipate that they will hold the rate steady at 5% in the upcoming announcement on October 25th, 2

Bank of Canada’s Interest Rate Impact on Ontario’s Housing Trends

On September 29th, 2023 Bloomberg a global financial information news outlet published the results of a survey. The said survey was targeted at 23 renowned and expert economists like Stephen Poloz, and Mark Carney (both Former Governors of the Bank of Canada) and asked in essence a simple question—"

Beyond Interest Rates: The Complex State of Ontario’s Real Estate Market

After a period of consecutive rate hikes, the Bank of Canada has decided to keep the policy rate steady at 5%, despite the 0.2% fall in GDP. However, the current state of Ontario’s real estate market is far from promising.

Understanding the Mortgage Application Process

magine the excitement of stepping into your very own home, a space where your aspirations take root and your memories flourish. As you embark on this thrilling journey towards homeownership in Canada, the path might seem labyrinthine, strewn with complexities. Fear not! Our guide is here to illumina

What is a Property Tax?

Did you know that property taxes are regressive in nature? This means that they are based on the assessed value of a property, which may not be directly correlated with the owner's income. As a result, low-income households end up paying a disproportionately larger portion of their total annual hous

Unlocking Opportunities: Decoding the Canadian Housing Market’s Roller Coaster Ride

Let’s take a moment and talk about the things that have happened to the Canadian housing market over the past couple of months. Since January 2023, the Bank of Canada had kept the policy rate steady at 4.25%, creating an environment where both home prices and sales were reaching new heights every da

The Rising Rental Cost in Canada

Welcome to the wild world of the Canadian rental market, where finding an affordable place to call home has become an increasingly elusive dream. In this blog, we will delve into the alarming rise in rent prices across Canada, uncovering the factors contributing to this trend and exploring the real-

The Heat Is On: Bank of Canada Raises Interest Rate by 25 Basis Points

May 16th 2023, came with a lot of uncalled surprises for all of us as it was the day when the inflation rate rose to 4.4%. From that point onwards all eyes have been on the Bank of Canada, which in all fairness was not expecting for this to happen, trying to guess what their course of action would b

Inflation’s Impact: How Canada’s 4.4% Rise Could Shake the Housing Market?

On 16 May 2023, Statistics Canada reported that The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 4.4% year over year in April, which was a straight-up 0.7% increase (month over month) compared to March of 2023. As per the report, rising mortgage costs and higher rental costs were the driving factors behind th

How To Get a Mortgage With Bad Credit in Canada?

It is a well-known fact that to successfully acquire a mortgage a home buyer must have a minimum credit score of 660 in Canada (according to CMHC). So, does that mean anyone with a score below 660 does not stand a chance to get a home loan? The short answer is yes, you can absolutely get a mortgage
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