Vijay Pokala

Vijay has a very likable personality which makes it very easy for his clients to communicate with him about anything. He takes on challenges head-on and always reaches his goals without a frown. Vijay encourages his clients to ask questions and resolves all their doubts so that when they finalize a deal they are at peace. His great sense of humour, negotiation skills, and industry knowledge make him one of the best Realtors in town. He makes his clients feel comfortable and confident about their decisions be it while buying or selling a property. Vijay is very approachable and is always available to help his clients in any way possible.

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five Questions

A Favorite Quote That Inspires You?

Honesty is best policy

How do you spend your leisure time?


Three – five words to describe yourself ?

Calm, empathetic, composed and helpful natured

Your Favorite Cuisine?

Any Vegetarian

Your best skill?

Good IT guy