Stella Maries Kovoor

With a vast knowledge of the real estate sector, Stella has helped many families find their dream homes. She works with a detail-oriented approach and has exceptional customer servicing and problem-solving skills. Her customer relationship management skills are top-notch which enables her to develop a long list of success stories. Stella developed a unique skill set during her tenure with Nata Group, USA, Renfro Corporation, and Penske logistics. She graduated from Georgian Collège, Barrie, Ontario specializing in International Business Management, and earned a master’s degree in Commerce from India. After donning many international degrees and a lot of client experience, she stepped into the real estate industry. Stella resides in Waterloo with her husband. Her motto in life is a quote by Albert Einstein "strive not to be a man of success but rather to be a man of value"

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five Questions

How do you spend your leisure time?

Biking, Reading, Skiing, Badminton, Camping

A Favorite Quote That Inspires You?

Make every moment of life memorable.

Your Favorite Cuisine?

Indian, Spanish, Italian, Sushi, American

Three – five words to describe yourself ?

Reliable, Honest and Compassionate

Your best skill?

Hard working, Punctuality, Integrity

Testimonials of Stella Maries Kovoor

Rating: 5

I was looking for an apartment that could accommodate my home office and I had quite a few specific needs. I told Stella everything about my expectations and to my surprise she got me the house of my dreams. I will recommend her to everyone because of her professionalism, great understanding and assuring nature. I am glad I found her.

Tania Guiding

Rating: 5

I have changed houses a couple of times in the last two decades and I have worked with many real estate agents. Some were good and some were exceptional like Stella. Both my wife and I told her what we were looking for and she narrowed down our options to exactly what we were dreaming of. She gave us the great opportunity to move into our dream house after two decades. I am so happy to have found Stella at the right time.

John Elijah

Rating: 5

There's one thing that I can vouch for is Stella's professionalism. She is the rock you need when dealing in such a crucial matter like real estate. I wanted to buy the house of my dreams and I wouldn't have taken anyone's advice if not Stella's. She knows what she's doing and to her; the client's happiness is foremost priority.

Amanda Soy

Rating: 5

I have collaborated with Stella thrice, I sold two houses and bought one. She is really fun to work with and understands her clients thoroughly. I had no problem explaining my needs and requirements to Stella and she took care of them every time.

David Steinfield