Pramod Kumar

Pramod has an extensive experience of over 12 years as an Area Manager in a leading Foreign Exchange company in Kuwait. But he was drawn towards the real estate sector in Canada. His excellent communication & interpersonal skills, paired with self-motivation, resilience, and persistence helped him to close many deals for his clients with ease. He has an outgoing, communicative, and pleasant personality. His strong negotiation skills, service standards, time- management ability, capability in coordinating activities, and problem-solving attitude have helped him create many success stories. Pramod has always been service oriented and he strongly believes that the customer is king. It is this wealth of experience that he built up over the years that enabled him to set foot in the challenging profession of real estate in Canada. He is optimistic about successfully growing while building long-lasting relationships with many happy clients.

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five Questions

A Favorite Quote That Inspires You?

Don’t go the way life takes you, Take the life the way you want to go.

Three – five words to describe yourself

Visionary Customer Focused Accomplished Confident Results Driven

Your best skill?

Excellent communication & interpersonal skills &Ability to communicate with people at all levels, time management & high degree of self-motivation

How do you spend your leisure time?

Cooking, Spending time with pets & Watching classics

Your Favorite Cuisine?

Indian Cuisines, Chinese.

Testimonials of Pramod Kumar

Rating: 5

When I planned on buying my first home I was as naive as I could be and I was happy to buy the first house I saw but Pramod being a patient listner already knew what's best for me and my needs. He got me the perfect house I could have imagined!

Ariana Monterro

Rating: 5

It was my first time experience of buying a home and I did not want any mistake. I spoke to Pramod about my cautions and what I need and in no time he showed me options that I could not take my eyes off. Then he patiently worked through my confusion and got me the best house on the market.

Ryan Martino

Rating: 5

I did not know the process of selling my house and I was totally unaware of the value I can expect for my house. When I met Pramod he guided me patiently throughout the process and made sure I get the best offer for my house.

Silvia Rodriguez

Rating: 5

Pramod was godsend when I wanted to sell my house. I told him that I have to move soon and I need the best price for my house as soon as possible. He listened to all my requirements and surprisingly got me exactly what I wanted within the little time I had. I am utterly grateful to him.

Ramesh Kakkar