Kingsly Stanly

Kingsly strives to demonstrate the highest level of integrity and commitment toward his clients. His combination of skills and experience ensures that the home-buying experience is pleasant, cost- efficient, and successful. Working with different brokerages has enriched him with unparalleled knowledge of the real estate market in Canada. His proficiency in negotiations; be it while buying or selling, has enabled him to bring happiness to many people.

To contact Kingsly Stanly
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five Questions

Years of experience

3 and half years

Tell us about your family

I have a wife and 2 daughters

A Favorite Quote That Inspires You?

“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.”

Three – five words to describe yourself

Ambitious,Responsible, Organized,Communicative, Energetic

Your best skill?

Ability to Negotiate

Testimonials of Kingsly Stanly

Rating: 5

I have been very worried about how I will be able to sell my house as it was but Kingsly taught me ways of staging that totally changed my house. I told him my expectations in terms of the deal and he patiently understood my concerns. He got me the best possible deal. I recommend him a 100% if you are planning to buy or sell a house.

Hong Schmit

Rating: 5

I wanted to buy a nice luxurious house within my budget. When I met Kingsly I described my confusion to him in detail and he understood. Once he was all done hearing me out he made sure the options that I see are exactly what I am looking for. Thus, in no time I had the house of my dreams thanks to him.

Julia Petrova

Rating: 5

I met Kingsly when I wanted to buy a new house. My family had recently gotten bigger and we wanted separate rooms for the kids. As per my budget, I wanted a house in a good school area too so I explained everything to Kingsly and within no time he got me exactly what I wanted. Negotiations and the deal was a cakewalk with him, I highly recommend him.

Steven McWilliams

Rating: 5

I wanted to sell my house for a good amount because I believe i did a wonderful job in taking care of my house. When I discussed with Kingsly, he acknowledged my emotions attached with the house and brought me the best buyer I could get. I am grateful to him for understanding the emotional value of my old home.

Sony Varma