Gourav Bhanot

With an extensive experience of 6 years, Gourav has learned the secret of real estate i.e. happy customers. His priority has always been his client's contentment. His success is attributed to his caliber, patience, and diligence. He ensures that the needs of his clients are met in their absolute sense. This philosophy has helped him close many successful deals and provide his clients with fruitful results. He is a highly disciplined individual who is well-regarded for his professionalism.

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five Questions

How do you spend your leisure time?

I like to stay physically active by doing power yoga and play cricket.

A Favorite Quote That Inspires You?

”Your Property, My Priority”

Your Favorite Cuisine?

My favorite cousin is Indian and Italian.

Three – five words to describe yourself

stay positive, patient, and optimistic in every situation.

Your best skill?

I love negotiating and working with numbers, so thats the one skill that helps my clients.

Testimonials of Gourav Bhanot

Rating: 5

My husband and I have moved a number of times in the last 10 years and thus we have had our fair share of experience with realtors both on the buying as well as selling side. Having worked with so many realtors, I assure you Gourav Bhanot is the best person you can come across when dealing in real estate. I say close your eyes and go for him.

Ruth Sicilyan

Rating: 5

I have been looking for a humble home to move into for a long time. I was tired of paying rent and that's when I met Gourav. He ensured that the house that I desire is mine with his great negotiation skills. He presented me with many options that surpassed my expectations and I am grateful to him for finding me my perfect home.

Sarah Henry

Rating: 5

Gourav works with his client's best interest in mind. I have sold two houses with him and bought one and I can guarantee you that you can choose him to be your realtor to have a smooth sailing experience in real estate. His focus is always on getting the best outcomes for his clients and his professionalism makes him the best realtor we know.

Sebastian Caleb

Rating: 5

I wanted to sell our family home after I planned on traveling for a year. My house was a big, beautiful and was a well maintained property. I wanted to get the right price for it. I told Gourav what I am expecting and how much the house means to me. He was all ears and understood both the financial and emotional aspect of the property. He got the best buyer I could have dreamt of. I recommend him to all my friends.

Jennifer Hollow